A Hidden Figures augmented reality app puts invisible scientific geniuses all over America –

TheVerge: The film Hidden Figures, releasedhiddenfigures-1200x646 late last year, follows three under-recognized female mathematicians who helped NASA launch humanity into space in the 1960s. So in order to promote it, IBM and The New York Times Company are putting literally hidden figures all around the US, waiting to be discovered with your phone.

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VFX and VR Tools Help Give ‘Allied’ an Authentic Look –

Artofvfx: Mike Janov has been workingallied_atomicfiction_itw_06b in visual effects for over 20 years. He has worked for many studios including The OrphanageSpy PostIndustrial Light & Magic and Atomic Fiction. As an Associate VFX Supervisor, he took care of visual effects for San AndreasGame of Thrones: Season 5 and Deadpool

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Cirque Du Soleil Gets New Virtual Reality Experience ‘Dreams of O’ –

Variety: Award-winning virtual reality stucirque-du-soleil-dreams-o-gear-vr2dio Felix & Paul released a new virtual reality experience in cooperation with Cirque Du Soleil at CES in Las Vegas Thursday. “Dreams of O” takes the viewer on a 12-minute journey into the underwater world of “O,” the Cirque show that’s been playing in Vegas for close to 20 years…

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‘Arrival’ Masters the Art of Subtle VFX –

Nofilmschool: When we spoke to Bradford Younarrival_globalwar_spotg, the DP of Arrival, earlier this year, he revealed how he and director Denis Villeneuve worked to unshackle themselves from the conventions of science fiction to create a more delicate—even mundane—visual approach. This subtlety permeated the entire production, including visual effects—an atypical choice for contemporary alien movies.

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VRscout: BBC ‘Planet Earth’ Team is Making VR with Ocul70219642us  BBC Earth, the world’s leading natural history producer, has announced a new partnership with Oculus to launch three exciting virtual reality (VR) experiences this January, inviting users to step into the lives of very distinct animals. More: Engadget, 3dvrcentral

AWN: Elizabeth Banks Traveling to Space in Baoscreen-shot-2016-12-29-at-2-18-11-pmbab’s VR Short ‘ASTEROIDS!’ – In the highly-anticipated upcoming virtual reality animated film from Baobab Studios, Banks lends her charm and wit to the new world of virtual reality as “Cheez,” a loveable, kind-hearted animated alien…

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