Deconstructing Woody Allen – A Year with a Filmmaker –

RPhoto Credit: Courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciencesogerebert: The act of binge-watching has been normalized thanks to addictive, serialized TV shows and Netflix revivals, but what about the act of binge-watching an artist’s entire oeuvre, especially one as expansive as Woody Allen’s? What could be learned from that? To study the evolution of an artist’s voice and vision is to study their life. It is a biographical account…

BFI: Oliver Stone, 10 essential films – Stone remaisnowden-2016-001-joseph-gordon-levittns unrepentant in his determination to make audiences think for themselves rather than sleepwalk into accepting the official version. He claims to specialise in “dramas about individuals in personal struggles” rather than political tracts. Perhaps that’s why he’s always been able to bounce back from furores with the mantra: “Don’t stop. Don’t think. Keep moving…”

David Bordwell: Fantasy, flashbacks and what-ifsla-la-land-7001: 2016 pays off the past – After I see a new movie, I like thinking about its ties to film history. This isn’t a matter of sneering, “They did it better in the old days,” though often that’s true. Rather, I like exploring how our films both rely on and swerve from the traditions they invoke.

Jonathan Rosenbaum: Shortcuts to Happiness [Ssecrets-and-lies-1996-001-brenda-blethyn-marianne-jean-baptiste-toastingECRETS AND LIES] – I’ve seen Secrets and  Lies three times since it premiered at Cannes in May, and each time the movie’s apparent rough patches have seemed smoother — clear evidence that writer-director Mike Leigh knows exactly what he’s doing and why…More: Rogerebert (Great Movie)