Screenwriting Contests 2017 –

ScreenCraft’s screenwriting conte2017-screencraft-contest-genre-1170x630sts are dedicated to discovering talented screenwriters and connecting them with producers, agents and managers. Our contests uniquely tailor the prize package and jury for each contest (eliminating potential genre bias) by specializing in screenplay competitions by genre…Screencraft

Deconstructing Woody Allen – A Year with a Filmmaker –

RPhoto Credit: Courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciencesogerebert: The act of binge-watching has been normalized thanks to addictive, serialized TV shows and Netflix revivals, but what about the act of binge-watching an artist’s entire oeuvre, especially one as expansive as Woody Allen’s? What could be learned from that? To study the evolution of an artist’s voice and vision is to study their life. It is a biographical account…

‘Arrival’ Masters the Art of Subtle VFX –

Nofilmschool: When we spoke to Bradford Younarrival_globalwar_spotg, the DP of Arrival, earlier this year, he revealed how he and director Denis Villeneuve worked to unshackle themselves from the conventions of science fiction to create a more delicate—even mundane—visual approach. This subtlety permeated the entire production, including visual effects—an atypical choice for contemporary alien movies.

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VRscout: BBC ‘Planet Earth’ Team is Making VR with Ocul70219642us  BBC Earth, the world’s leading natural history producer, has announced a new partnership with Oculus to launch three exciting virtual reality (VR) experiences this January, inviting users to step into the lives of very distinct animals. More: Engadget, 3dvrcentral

Critics that matter review: PatersonRogereberprimary_patersont (100) by Glen Kelly, Indiewire (100), by Eric Kohn, The New York Times (90) by Manohla Dargis, Vulture (90) by David Edelstein, Mubi (90) by Daniel Kasman, Variety (60) by Owen Gleiberman

Essays: Fandor, Girish Shambu, David Bordwell, Rogerebert